What is this site?

I started this blog in an attempt to reach out to fellow humanities researchers, who use want to use technical tools like R and LaTeX in their research, but need new input on how to tackle certain problems. Thereby the name, techXhum. Generally, I also think that we in the humanities should become better at adopting software tools for data collection, analysis, text production. etc. During my studies I’ve picked up a few things about LaTeX, R, and survey design that I think could prove useful to other researchers, in particular from the humanities. That is at least my impression when meeting with colleagues or attending conferences.

It’s often quite easy to find out on for example stack exchange how to display an equation in LaTeX, but it’s rare to find good tips on how to render Jeffersonian transcripts in LaTeX or how to display chararacters from the international phonetic alphabet. I hope with this site to bridge this gap.

Who am I

techXhumI received my MA in Business Communication & Communication Design from the University of Southern Denmark. During my studies, I part-timed as an interaction analyst for both humanistic and technical research groups and thus participated in many international interdisciplinary collaborations between designers, engineers and linguists. This work introduced me to fields such as Human-Robot Interaction, High-Tech Business Venturing and IT-Product Design. I recently earned my PhD degree in Human-Robot Interaction. I am currently employed as a research assistant at SDU in Kolding, where I carry out IT-technical aspects of research support.